Carbon Steel Forged Flanges
November 21, 2023

Benefits of Carbon Steel Forged Flanges Carbon steel forged flanges offer several benefits, making them popular in various industries, especially piping systems. Here are some of the key advantages: Strength and Durability: Carbon steel is known for

Selecting & Sizing a Pressure Vessel
October 18, 2023

Manufacturing pressure vessel nozzles is a highly complex and ‘per application’ procedure that depends on the size and purpose of the pressure vessel valve. Numerous factors need to be considered when choosing the size and pressure capacity.

Forged Steel Rings
September 14, 2023

Forging Steel Rings The process of forging involves shaping materials by compressing them into specific forms. It relies on the use of various materials and temperatures, as different metals require either hot, warm, or cold temperatures for

Custom Forging Press
August 23, 2023

Have Western of Texas Forge & Flange Design Your Custom Flanges Having WOT design and forge your custom forged product is a straightforward process. First, contact our sales design team at 409-246-2427. WOT is among the few

Blind Flange Application
July 29, 2023

What Applications Are Forged Flanges And Blind Flanges Used In? Forged flanges and blind flanges have various applications in industries such as manufacturing, pipelines, and power generation. As one of the leading manufacturers of API flanges, WOT’s

Industrial Flange Company
May 8, 2023

Western of Texas Forge and Flange manufactures and delivers quality custom and standard forged flanges in a variety of materials like stainless steel and nickel while meeting all ASME and MSS industry and statutory standards. Of the flanges

Types of Forged Flanges 2
May 8, 2023

This is a continued article about the standard types of forged flanges Western of Texas Forge and Flange produces beyond our custom forging capabilities. All forged flanges can be manufactured in a variety of materials like stainless steel

Flanges are essential components used to create reliable connections in piping systems across a wide range of industries. One of the critical factors to consider when selecting a flange is the flange face type, which determines the

Discover the Key Features, Advantages, and Applications of Studding Outlet Flanges When it comes to flange solutions, there are many options available to suit the specific needs of various applications. One flange type we manufacture is the