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Blind Flange Application
By: admin July 29, 2023

What Applications Are Forged Flanges And Blind Flanges Used In?

Forged flanges and blind flanges have various applications in industries such as manufacturing, pipelines, and power generation. As one of the leading manufacturers of API flanges, WOT’s forged flanges and blind flanges are used in almost every industry. They are commonly used at the end of a pipe or fitting to provide easy access for extending the pipe.

The blind flange and its bolts experience higher stress compared to other flanges. A blind flange (also called a ‘closure plate flange’) is installed at the end of a piping system to terminate a pipe, it has no center hole (bore), so there is no flow through the flange.

A blind flange may be used for isolating a pipe, valve, or pressure vessel. Our flanges are extensively used in the oil, gas and petroleum industries.

Due to our adherence to ASME B16.5 standards and the use of high alloy steel in one-piece forging, our flanges are known for their exceptional strength. We maintain a large inventory of raw materials to manufacture Blind flanges up 100″ in diameter.

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