Slip on flanges forged manufacturing
By: admin November 30, 2021

Slip On Flange

Understanding the Benefits and Uses of Slip-On Flanges

Slip-on flanges are one of the most popular and helpful flange varieties. Slip-on flanges’ design can accept pipe into the flange’s center/bore to facilitate welding around the pipe’s outer diameter and the connection’s interior side.

Slip on flanges forged manufacturing

Flange Benefits

The benefits of these flanges include the fact that they are simple and an outstanding alternative to the use of a weld neck. Since they do not have a weld bevel, you can adjust the pipe to a length relative to its position related to the flange.

Common Slip-on Flange Uses

Slip-on flanges are commonly utilized in lower pressure applications. These flanges usually include a hub that appears like a raised face in its dimensions. The flanges are regularly used in lower pressure assemblies. They are used less when a superior connection is called for due to a higher stress service.

Common Flange Applications

Applications that these flanges are commonly used include low-pressure fluids or fluids with little leakage risk. You can also utilize them in the cooling of water lines, process lines for gas, steam, oil, condensates, and waterlines for firefighting.

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