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Oil and Gas Pipeline Flanges Forged Fittings
By: admin March 7, 2022
Oil and Gas Pipeline Flanges Forged Fittings

What are Socket Weld Flanges?

Socket weld pipe flanges are applied for use in high-pressure pipes. These flanges are attached to the pipes at the socket end and fillet welded on the top. The attachment allows for a better flow of the gas or liquid inside the pipe.

Socket weld pipe flanges typically come with a flat face, raised face, or RTJ face variety. In a raised face socket weld pipe, the standard height of the flanges under 400# is 1/16″. For 400# and up socket weld pipe flanges, the face height is 1/4″. Materials used for manufacturing these flanges include stainless steel, carbon, and alloy.

Various Usage of Socket Weld Pipe Flanges and Fittings

  • In low to medium pressure pipes and for diverse industrial processes.
  • In pipework that is deemed permanent
  • In combination with ASME pipe
  • Reducers, elbows, and tees are used in pipelines for conveying flammable, toxic, and expensive materials without leakage

Advantages of Socket Weld Fittings

 1. If socket weld fittings are used, the pipe doesn’t have to be end-finished in preparation for an insert weld.

 2. The fitting principle helps ensure that proper alignment is attained. This is why temporary tack welding doesn’t require alignment.

 3. The socket weld insert cannot penetrate the pipe’s bore.

 4. Cost to produce socket weld flanges is low compared to butt-welded joints.

Disadvantages of Socket Weld Fittings

 1. The expansion gap should ensure the expansion gap between the shoulder of the socket and the pipe is at a certain distance, often around 1.6mm.

 2. The internal crevices and expansion gap in socket weld pipe flanges are prone to corrosion when used with certain media. For this reason, socket weld flanges are not used for radioactive or corrosive applications.

 3. Socket weld fittings are not suitable for Ultra High Hydrostatic Pressure systems utilized in food industries. The inability to allow full penetration and the gaps and crevices that are difficult to clean are the reasons for their non-usage.

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