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Carbon Steel Flanges and Their Use in Applications Explained

As the leading carbon steel flanges manufacturer, our team at Western of Texas wants to provide some vital information about this topic and carbon steel in a general sense. The following information also provides insights into the applications where carbon steel is utilized. Things to Consider When Deciding on Carbon Read More

Weld Neck Flange

Weld neck pipe flanges are a variety of pipe flange attached by welding a pipe to the flange's neck. The benefit of this is that it transfers stress away from the flange and to the pipe itself. Another benefit is the fact that it provides a reduction in stress concentration. Read More

Slip On Flange

Understanding the Benefits and Uses of Slip-On Flanges Slip-on flanges are one of the most popular and helpful flange varieties. Slip-on flanges' design can accept pipe into the flange's center/bore to facilitate welding around the pipe's outer diameter and the connection's interior side. Flange Benefits The benefits of these flanges Read More