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How are Forged Flanges Made?

Flanges are an integral part of the gas and oil industry in combining two or more machinery parts. The production of forged flanges includes three main techniques: forging, casting, and cutting. All flange production involves processing the raw materials and shaping them according to specifications. What is Forging? Forging is Read More

What are Socket Weld Flanges?

Socket weld pipe flanges are applied for use in high-pressure pipes. These flanges are attached to the pipes at the socket end and fillet welded on the top. The attachment allows for a better flow of the gas or liquid inside the pipe. Socket weld pipe flanges typically come with Read More

Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Forged Flanges Manufacturer

Flanges are one of the essential components in joining two pieces of pipe. The flange provides a seal between the inside of the pipe and the outside of another component. The flange is traditionally fabricated from metal, but other types may be more suitable for your needs. Flanges can be Read More

How Do Flanges Work and What Are They Used For?

A flange is a joining method used for many processing systems of pipes, valves, and other equipment. It provides people with flexibility when dealing with their piping systems, making it easier to replace parts when needed. Three Parts of a Flanged Connection GasketBoltingPipe Flanges Common Materials Used to Forge Flanges Read More

What are Threaded Flanges and Their Applications?

A threaded flange is a variety of flanges that has a female NPT (American National Pipe Tapered Thread) in the center which is threaded. The thread allows for connection to the male end of NPT threaded piping. These flanges are also commonly referred to as screwed flanges, companion flanges, or NPT Read More

6 Most Common Types of Pipe Flanges on the Market

Pipe flanges are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment used in piping systems. These flanges connect piping system components through gaskets and bolted connections. As the leading forged flanges manufacturer, our team at Western of Texas wants to tell you more about the 6 most common types of Read More

What is a Long Weld Neck Flange?

Long weld neck flanges are used in applications for ASME pressure vessels to provide a self-reinforcing connection. These flanges were designed to be utilized in the place of the standard weld neck flange and a length of pipe used for bolt-up connections to vessels.  They reduce neck stress and transfer Read More

Blind Flange

A blind flange is one of the essential pieces of equipment at today's gas and oil plants. These facilities feature endless lengths of pipe interconnected by using necessary fittings that include various flanges. As the leading blind flange manufacturer, our team at Western of Texas wants to tell you more Read More

Stainless Steel Flanges and Their Uses Explained

The use of flanges is vital for connecting valves, pipes, and other types of industrial equipment. Flanges offer an easy kind of access during maintenance work such as repairs, inspections, and cleaning. When it comes to heavy industrial uses, it is important to carefully select flanges because they can form Read More