Blind Flanges Forging Manufacturer Oil Gas Industry
By: admin January 3, 2022

Blind Flange

A blind flange is one of the essential pieces of equipment at today’s gas and oil plants. These facilities feature endless lengths of pipe interconnected by using necessary fittings that include various flanges.

Blind Flanges Forging Manufacturer Oil Gas Industry

As the leading blind flange manufacturer, our team at Western of Texas wants to tell you more about the blind variety of flange that plays such a crucial role in today’s gas and oil industry.

An Explanation of This Flange Variety

This blind variety of flange is composed of a solid piece of steel that does not have a bore. The primary use of these flanges is to cap off gas and oil lines. These flanges bolt into place instead of being welded there. This means that they are much easier to access when maintenance and inspections occur.

Selecting the Right Flanges

Consider these four points to select the property flange for blanking off the end of a gas or oil pipe.

These include:

  • Use flanges made of similar or the same material as the pipe they will connect to so you avoid corrosion
  • Ensure that the flange selected is thick enough that it can stand up to the pressure exerted by your system
  • Follow the ASME B16.5 standards for pressure and temperature of flanges
  • You can ask our team at Western of Texas about any customization that you require to meet your specific needs

Get Your Consultation from Our ASME Pressure Vessel Experts Today

You can count on Western of Texas as your trusted blind flange manufacturer. Our sales department is ready to take your call today to discuss your manufacturing requirements for ASME pressure vessels. Give us a call or leave us a message to learn more about what we can offer your company.

Contact Western of Texas today at (877) 246-2429 to get a consultation with our sales team. We are the leading flange manufacturers and have a strong reputation for providing a superior level of service to our customers. You can also see our brochure to learn more about slip-on flanges and our manufacturing capabilities.

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