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Custom Forging Press
By: admin August 23, 2023

Have Western of Texas Forge & Flange Design Your Custom Flanges

Having WOT design and forge your custom forged product is a straightforward process. First, contact our sales design team at 409-246-2427. WOT is among the few companies in America specializing in custom ANSI forged flanges from alloy steel materials. Our success is attributed to the experience of our team, the capabilities of our many forging facilities and our manufacturing design process where we fully understand the product requirements.

Once our sales support department and engineering team will collaborate to gather the dimensions, specifications, and blueprints of the forged flange needing manufactured. After finalizing and approving the designs, the forging process moves forward quickly.

Many of our customers have experienced frustration of contacting other flange or pressure vessel connection companies only to be informed that it would take weeks or even months to fulfill the order for a special flanged nozzle connection. Fortunately, such delays do not occur at Western of Texas Forge and Flange as we have the facilities and crews working to complete all orders on time. Is just one of the reasons WOT’s repeat business is so high.

We have successfully forged a wide variety of custom products in our facilities including pressure vessels, flanges, valves, nozzles and from many types of metals. We are ready every day to assist our customers in generating estimates for the forging or machining custom products. Additionally, we can even provide design assistance without any charges.

Basically, our design team needs the following specifications:

Specification of the Custom Flange – Example JIS, UNI, DIN, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47

Flange Rating or Class
Flange Facing Type – The raised face is the standard facing for flanges
Forged Flange Surface Finish – Smooth, stock or serrated
Flange Material Grade – Forged carbon, stainless steel, nickel-alloy steels or non-ferrous materials
Flange Order Quantity

Call WOT at 409-246-2427 and talk to your support team about your forging requirement.

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