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Stainless steel flanges pipe fitting manufacturers
By: admin December 20, 2021

Stainless Steel Flanges and Their Uses Explained

The use of flanges is vital for connecting valves, pipes, and other types of industrial equipment. Flanges offer an easy kind of access during maintenance work such as repairs, inspections, and cleaning. When it comes to heavy industrial uses, it is important to carefully select flanges because they can form a weak point in a system.

At Western of Texas, we are the leading stainless steel flanges manufacturer. Our team wants to provide you with some essential information about this subject.

Stainless steel flanges pipe fitting manufacturers

The Benefits of Choosing Stainless Steel Flanges

There are some compelling reasons why stainless steel is an excellent material for flanges. They represent great value for the money spent. Other advantages include:

  • The Ability to Withstand High Temperatures – Temperatures can get high in many industries, but stainless steel is a material that is capable of withstanding this without warping or becoming deformed.
  • Excellent Durability – The durability of stainless steel means that it can stand up to pressure compared to other materials such as aluminum.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Corrosion resistance is always a key point of focus when it comes to metal applications.

There Are 8 Flange Types to Select From

The 8 stainless steel flange types to choose from include:

  1. Blind pipe flanges
  2. Ring-type joint
  3. Orifice
  4. Socket weld
  5. Slip-on
  6. Lap joint
  7. Weld neck
  8. Threaded

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting Stainless Steel Flange Fittings

Some key factors must be considered when choosing stainless steel flange fittings.

These key factors include:

  • The fugitive emission laws in effect in your country
  • The fluid type you are conveying
  • The integrity of the flanges
  • The contamination risks

Contact Us for ASME Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

With a reputation as the leading stainless steel flanges manufacturer, our team at Western of Texas are the experts at ASME pressure vessel manufacturing. Contact us for your service consultation. Reach out to us today at (877) 246-2429 to speak with our sales department about the requirements for your flanges. You can also see our brochure to learn more about stainless steel flanges and our manufacturing capabilities.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we have such an outstanding reputation for service excellence.

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