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Weld Neck Flange

Weld neck pipe flanges are a variety of pipe flange attached by welding a pipe to the flange’s neck. The benefit of this is that it transfers stress away from the flange and to the pipe itself. Another benefit is the fact that it provides a reduction in stress concentration. It is common for these flanges to have either a flat face or a raised face. RTJ facing is also a common option. 

Weld Neck Flange - Flange Manufacturer

About the Materials Utilized in the Flange Manufacturing Process

You can choose from various steel material grades in the materials used in weld neck pipe flanges. These options include stainless steel flanges, carbon weld flanges, and alloy weld flanges. 

You can count on our dedicated team here at Western of Texas to quickly ship out the products that you require. We have an extensive range of weld neck pipe flanges that are available to be shipped out quickly.

Our team at Western of Texas offers flanges in both the flat face and raised face configuration. This includes flanges with a standard bore as well as an extra heavy bore option.

Applications for Weld Neck Pipe Flanges

The long and tapered hub of these weld neck pipe flanges is ideal for various applications that include elevated temperatures, sub-zero temperatures, and high-pressure uses.

Contact Western of Texas Today for Weld Neck Flange Manufacturing

Contact our team here at Western of Texas at (877) 246-2429 to get your consultation with a member of our sales department team. We are ready to speak with you today about our options on ASME pressure vessel manufacturing. We are also ready to talk with you about the many benefits of utilizing weld neck pipe flanges. You can also see our brochure to learn more about weld neck flanges and our manufacturing capabilities.

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