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Threaded Flanges Applications for Industrial Piping Systems
By: admin February 7, 2022

What are Threaded Flanges and Their Applications?

A threaded flange is a variety of flanges that has a female NPT (American National Pipe Tapered Thread) in the center which is threaded. The thread allows for connection to the male end of NPT threaded piping. These flanges are also commonly referred to as screwed flanges, companion flanges, or NPT flanges.

Threaded Flanges Applications for Industrial Piping Systems

Where are Threaded Flanges Used?

They are beneficial for situations where a male NPT pipe connection is used with explosive or highly reactive media. These flanges are commonly used within API (American Petroleum Institute) oilfield service.

A Variety of Threaded Flanges

There are many available sizes of this variety of flanges and many pressure ratings. Though this is the case, they are most frequently used for piping systems that are small. These piping systems are usually equal to or less than 4 inches.

Critical Advantages of These Flanges

The key advantage of these flanges is that they can connect to pipes without involving the process of welding. This is an advantage and often a necessity. It is an essential feature in industries and locations dealing with explosive products. Examples would be stores that have flammable fluids, gas stations, and hexane plants.

A Look at Flange Uses

The common ways that these flanges are used includes:

• Useful in situations where extremely high pressure is present and a post weld treatment is not an option (close to atmospheric temperature)

• It can be fitted to various sizes of pipes without the need for welding

• Useful for piping applications of a small diameter

• These flanges save time and are highly economical

• Useful in applications where it is hazardous to perform a weld

• Useful in highly explosive areas

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