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Long Weld Neck Flange Manufacturers Oil Gas
By: admin January 17, 2022

What is a Long Weld Neck Flange?

Long weld neck flanges are used in applications for ASME pressure vessels to provide a self-reinforcing connection. These flanges were designed to be utilized in the place of the standard weld neck flange and a length of pipe used for bolt-up connections to vessels.  They reduce neck stress and transfer it to the base connecting to the vessel.

Long Weld Neck Flange Manufacturers Oil Gas

As the industry-leading long weld neck flange manufacturers, our team at Western of Texas wants to tell you more about this flange variety and its application.

Examining the Flange’s Application

The long weld neck variety of flange is primarily applied as a nozzle to pressure vessel construction. Using this type of flange removes the need to use a piece of additional pipe and additional welding that is required with a standard weld neck flange.

LWN flanges can be directly attached to the vessel. This allows them to be considered as a nozzle that is reinforced. The use of this flange type means that a pipe to flange weld seam can be avoided. It also offers the benefit of self-reinforcement.

LWN flanges include a beveled flange. This allows them to fit with the pipe in a way that provides additional strength. These connections also improve overall pipe flow. When LWN flanges are used with piping systems, they become safer. Temperature and pressure balance is assisted with the use of LWN flanges.

The main water anchors are one of the most common uses for the LWN flange. This is due to their ability to withstand the high pressures they are subjected to in this application. The flange variety can be utilized to connect extensive pipe networks like those found in many factories. They are also commonly used in reducing or extending the size of pipes and in expansion bends.

Find Out More by Calling Our Sales Department

At Western of Texas, we are the leader among long weld neck flange manufacturers, and our sales team would love to speak with you today about your specific flange forging needs. Reach out to us today by phone or by contacting us online. We are ready to provide you with the answers to all of your questions about the flange forging services.

Contact Western of Texas today for your consultation about the purchase of custom ASME pressure vessels. Our sales department is ready to speak with you about your individual needs today. Give us a call at (877) 246-2429 or message us online to find out more. You can also see our brochure to learn more about our flange manufacturing.

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